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Florin Marian Suciu

commented on DR to move into B&W-Hallerne in March

I hope they will completely change that place...looks like a garbage mountain for now!
Florin Marian Suciu

commented on Margaret Berger back with new single

I feed you my love was better :( Check out my reactions here www.florinesc.com
Florin Marian Suciu

commented on National selection success stories shared in Berlin

yup, I love German National Finals ^^
Florin Marian Suciu

commented on Conchita Wurst to represent Austria in 2014

the worst decision ever. I can already see Austria out of the Eurovision 2014 Grand Final!

Eurovision Memories needs YOU!

Florin Marian Suciu

posted a blog

Do you love Eurovision and excitement? Then join the Eurovision Memories Song Contest, pick a free country and have fun with us! We need people for the following countries: Andorra Austria Belarus Georgia Lebanon Montenegro Morocco Submit
Florin Marian Suciu

commented on Can Anouk take the Netherlands to the final?

probably yes....
Florin Marian Suciu

commented on New Eurovision.tv goes live

I like it! Finally something new
Florin Marian Suciu

commented on English version of San Marino's entry released

this version sucks hard.....
Florin Marian Suciu

commented on Danish postcard to depict Emmelie's Copenhagen

I really want Denmark to win this year! 12 points from Romania!
Florin Marian Suciu

updated his status

I want Denmark to win Eurovision 2013!

Florin Marian Suciu

About me

Hello! I’m Florin from Romania, a dedicated Eurovision fan since 2009 and a simple guy that loves simple stuff, such as hanging out with friends, reading books, watching TV and writing articles about...

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