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Piss off

commented on BBC launches open selection for 2015 British entry

WHY cant the British public get a say in the choice? :'( can we not at least listen to the songs?
Piss off

commented on Listen to Emilija Djonin's "Svet u mojim očima"

Its okay but a bit forgettable. Do you think you could maybe put some balkan instuments in it to make it more memorable and charming (like moj svjet?) - and then you have a top 3 entry!
Piss off

commented on Listen to The Peppermints' "Breaking My Heart"

A revamp in the production maybe?
Piss off

commented on Tonight: Netherlands decides

Gotta be Sebastiaan!!!
Piss off

commented on Cyprus entry "I pio omorfi mera" premièred!

THIS IS GONNA BE THE BSET JESC EVER!! A very colourful and happy song - welcome back Cyprus!
Piss off

commented on Julia and Sebastiaan qualify for the final

Winner needs to be Sebastian! It's the best song plus it's actually by a boy! However, I'm pretty sure that Julia will win, which is ok I guess... but a but too similar to Sweden's entry?
Piss off

commented on San Marino back for another year!

So proud... I actually am in love with this country! San Marino sent my 2nd favourite entry last year and lets keep the standard high again this year. The one thing I would like to see though, is someone actually from San Marino represent them.
Piss off

commented on Vienna 2015 slogan revealed

I like it! Its not so cheesy and meaningless like many of the previous ones. Good job Austria!
Piss off

commented on Adrian & Bledar or Hersi?

Both were rubbish :/ poor Albania.. I really hope they create a new show for a national selection that promotes modern music!
Piss off

commented on Тrіо "Sympho-Nick" win Ukraine's Ticket

The verses are nice and they are great singers - I just think the chorus needs a re-work ;) Would've preferred Anna Trincher with "Nebo Znaye" though..

Piss off

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