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Peter Reyes

commented on Mandinga - Zaleilah (Romania 2012)

Bucharest 2013! Seriously this song makes me so happy every time I listen to it <3
Peter Reyes

commented on Sabina Babayeva to sing "When The Music Dies" in Baku

I actually love it! But the question is, does this song have what it takes to best the other ballads this year?
Peter Reyes

commented on Valentina Monetta to sing "Facebook Uh,Oh,Oh"

Uh oh looks like Rebecca Black has a cousin in San Marino! But I like their strategy, just watch this song will become viral on youtube and everyone will be talking about it whether they like the song or not.
Peter Reyes

commented on Eleftheria Eleftheriou to represent Greece

Great song and another high placer for Greece! If this song does win though(not really likely), I'm kinda worried about where ESC will be held in Greece...
Peter Reyes

commented on Italy changes their song to L'Amore È Femmina

I love Per Sempre because it's a quintessential Italian song, but I like L'amore E Femmina too. It's upbeat yet retains that Italian style. Good luck Nina and Italy!
Peter Reyes

commented on Sweden: Loreen winner of Melodifestivalen!

Best show ever, so glad I watched Melodifestivalen! I loved the hosts, and the acts but most importantly I loved Loreen! Congrats, Stockholm 2013!
Peter Reyes

commented on See: Buranovskiye Babushki to represent Russia

So happy the Russian grannies won! Glad to see some traditional Russian folk music and of course, babushkas! Good luck!!! :)
Peter Reyes

updated his status

Hey everyone! I consider myself a citizen of the world living in the US :)
Peter Reyes

commented on Tonight: Melodifestivalen 2012 Final

Loreen or Danny please! If either of these two win, I have a feeling that Sweden will place high in the finals. Wouldn't mind Stockholm 2013! :)
Peter Reyes

commented on Ott Lepland to represent Estonia in Baku

I wouldn't mind this song winning, it's about time we have a Eurovision winner that's in a different language! Congrats and good luck in Baku, Ott!

Peter Reyes

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