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Malta National Final - Gianni edit

Gianni.jpg Musician, DJ, Entrepreneur Gianni Zammit was born on 18th August 1972. He started playing the guitar at the age of thirteen when he formed his first band. Gianni has been playing the guitar ever since and today he owns a large collection of guitars including his very first Spanish guitar that he received from his mother.

His first official gig came in 1988 at the Sixth Form Soiree together with a young band called Blues Breakers. Throughout the years he joined several music bands. He joined Filletti and Friends in 1987 on the bass guitar and the locally established Brainstorm on the bass guitar and vocals in 1994. Brainstorm stood together for a span of ten years and released a number of original singles. In 1991 he started playing acoustic gigs with Colin Zammit Lupi. They were known as Colin and Gianni. In 1992 Gianni set up the band RUG. The band which is also known as Colin, Gianni and Friends was one of the first ‘rock’ bands to perform at the Manoel Theatre during Teatru Unplugged. Since it was formed, RUG performed at various local festivals and is still going very strong.

Gianni got involved in television shows in 1997 and hosted and co-produced a programme called ‘Flat 4’ on the national television. Following he hosted the popular game show called ‘Ċinkwina’ and the music show called ‘One-twenty’. He has been involved in the entertainment industry for a good number of years. He first joined a commercial radio station when he was only twenty years of age. He hosted a number of radio shows for three and a half years before he moved for a short while to United States to further his studies. On his return he moved back to hosting radio shows. Today he is Director and Shareholder at a private radio station.

The experience at the Malta Eurovision Song Contest is not a new one to Gianni. In the edition of 2000, he took part with the song called My Friends. This year he comes back with a band. Together they play Petals On A Rose. The song talks about the difficulties and the pain that a distance in a relationship can cause.

The song is composed by R.Abrahamsson, A.Aly, M.Numhauser and T.Fenech and wriitten by A.Aly, M.Numhauser and R.Abrahamsson
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