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Hard Choices edit

Aww-Yea.jpg Has anyone realized how many great songs are in the contest this year? It took me half an hour just to pick out a Top 10. And here they are (in random order, I can't choose a favorite lol):

Spain (Pastora Soler- Quedate Conmigo)- So much power and raw emotion! The lyrics are fantastic, and she can sing this song very well live. It's really great. Can she win? I'm hoping so, it's Spain's turn out of many years! But I don't think they will sadly, maybe a Top 10.

United Kingdom (Engelbert Humperdink- Love Will Set You Free)- I honestly was expecting to hate this song. My gramma knows him, which in my mind meant "bad". But this gentleman puts an amazing amount of emotion in this song. It also has beautiful lyrics. Can he win? Possibly, I'm pretty sure that they'll get a nice placing but I doubt that the UK will win. Hopefully a nice placing in the top.

Croatia (Nina Badric- Nebo)- This song wasn't love at first. I heard it and though "Ehh" but after listening to it again, I'm in love. The best part is after two minutes (2:11 to be exact) where her high notes get even higher. It's a magical song. Can she win? I don't see it happening sadly. It's an amazing song and Croatia should be proud, but it's a hard year.

Turkey (Can Bonomo- Love Me Back)- And again Turkey can be proud of their song. Love Me Back is so catchy and Can seems like a great singer with so much charisma. All the girls will love him too, which helps. Can he win? Absolutely! Can is almost guarenteed a place in the final and I can see Eurovision 2013 being held in Turkey again.

Sweden (Loreen- Euphoria)- Everyone's favorite song, and it's one of mine. I'd have preferred Ulrik Munther for Baku, but oh well. Loreen sings very well live and her performance with the dancer and rain storm is extremely effective. The lyrics aren't bad either. Can she win? Of course she can! Sweden came in third place last year and and people love Loreen this year. She's not my favorite but I wouldn't be surprised to see Sweden in a Top 3.

Bosnia and Herzegovina (Maya Sar- Korake Ti Znam)- Not so high on other people's lists but I think Maya is a fantastic singer. The song is quiet and beautiful and she is also extremely pretty. If she can sing live, this will be an awesome entry. Can she win? I'm almost positive that she can't, which is very sad because they song is fantastic. I'm sure she'll qualify though.

Finland (Pernilla Karlsson- Nar Jag Blundar)- I almost break down in to tears whenever I hear this song. It is that good. Swedish is a beautiful language and Pernilla gives us so much emotion that everyone should be impressed. Can she win? I'm pretty sure she won't. But she'll qualify and be in the Top 15, mark my words. A song like this doesn't leave someone's head.

Belgium (Iris- Would You?)- The song that everyone seems to hate. I believe that is totally undeserved. Sure, Safety Net was a better song but Would You? is still a beautiful song sung by a beautiful girl. Can she win? No, I don't see it. I don't even see her qualifying without the juries help, and that is really sad. Everybody vote Belgium, Iris is great!

Latvia (Anmary- Beautiful Song)- I don't understand why people hate this song so much. I get that the lyrics aren't great but the melody is fantastic. Anmary can sing very well live, she has a nice voice, and her song is catchy. Can she win? Again, I don't think so. I also think qualifying will be hard for her too. Which is a shame because her song is fantastic and she deserves to go to the finals.

Iceland (Greta Salome and Jonsi- Never Forget)- Can everyone stop complaining that Greta changed the song to English? I like it better in English, we can understand what they're saying and it's still a fantastic song. Greta and Jonsi have chemistry and a great song that hopefully will do will. Can they win? Yes, I believe that they can. With a good performance and vocals, the final is almost guaranteed and I imagine them doing very well.

Where is Serbia you ask? That is also a great song that will be in the Top 10 of the finals. But, I didn't add it in because I feel these songs are better. Same with Norway, Russia, and Italy. With so many great songs, and only 10 Top places, some countries had to be taken out.
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