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My Top 10 National Final Songs edit


These are my top 10 entries in this years Eurovision Song Contest that didn't make it through to represent their countries. Like/Dislike/Comment as you wish. This is just my personal opinion after watching hours and hours and hours and hours of National Finals.

Personally, I would have preferred Max Barskih to have won the Ukrainian National Final instead of Gaitana, Reidun Sæther to have won Meldoi Grand Prix instead of Tooji, Dess to have won the Bulgarian vote instead of Sofi Marinova and for Aldrei Sleppir Mér to have won for Iceland instead of Never Forget.

This video contains material that is copyrighted to: Sony Music (Sweden), Warner Music (Sweden), Rebeat Digital GmbH, Talant Music Group (Ukraine)/Secret Service Publicity Agency (Ukraine) under licence from Symbolic Digital. No copyright infringement intended. The intentions of this video are simply to promote the Eurovision Song Contest and the entrants. Each clip is less than 30 seconds long and therefore cannot be reproduced in any manner whatsoever.

The video contains 30 seconds samples of 10 songs: Andrew Mann-Here I Am, Ovidiu Anton-I Walk Alone, Nerealyni-Just A Dream, Dess-Love Is Alive, Eva Boto-A Si Sanjal Me, Molly Sandén-Why Am I Crying?, Greta Salóme-Heiða-Amy-Aldrei Sleppir Mér, Reidun Sæther-High On Love, Max Barskih-Dance and Danny Saucedo-Amazing.

According to the U.S. Copyright Fair Use Act (title 17, U.S. Code.) I believe this video to be of Fair Usage as:

A. The purpose of the video is to promote the recorded work and it''s participation in the Eurovision Song Contest.
B. The clips are not of good enough length or quality to be reproduced.
C. The effect of the video may in turn increase popularity of the recorded work and increase legal sales of said clips.
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