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EDC 2010 edit

Facebook-Icon-New.jpg From news.az

"Eurovision Dance 2009 should be held in Azerbaijan, but European Broadcasting Council postponed it until 2010 because lack of participants.

There are not enough participants yet”, said Minister of Youth and Sport of Azerbaijan Azad Rahimov at an annual press conference.

He said they intended to host Eurovision Dance to extend campaign for popularization of Azerbaijan.

"We would like European participants arrive in the country and learn more about it, but we see that mostly Balkan and CIS countries applied for the participation, which doesn’t coincide with our plans and ideas. We would like the countries, like Germany, Spain, France and the United Kingdom participate in this competition. If those countries don’t participate what is meaning to spend such resources? On the other hand, some of the participant countries wish to attend the competition at the expense of Azerbaijan, which is not possible". "
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