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injustice in Armenia edit

  • Posted 12/Sep 2014 at 20:33
  • by .
nophoto.jpg injustice in Armenia - In 2014, Armenia had 87 applications to participate in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. But the top ten was chosen not by popular vote. It done some people, whose names are still not known. These people-x did not give the 77 participants any opportunity to present their songs to the public. These 77 songs no one heard. It turns out that 77 children have worked for months, and dreamed of singing in the competition. But instead they called the receptionist and said - your song does not pass to the next round. The question - who decided the administrator replied that he could not say. Junior Eurovision Song Contest is a celebration, but instead 77 kids are in a serious depression. They personally met with injustice.
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