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esc2010.webs.com - What's going on? edit

  • Posted 22/Apr 2010 at 18:26
  • by Riku ..
esc2010-webs-com-April-2010.jpg Hello again!

This is what´s on www.esc2010.webs.com right now;

NEWS You can check out the most important news from our news -page, you see the headlines on the first page.
VIDEOS Want to organize your own 'Previews'? You can watch and listen all the entries competing this year in Oslo.
LINKS There are many great Eurovision -sites in internet!
12 Points Goes To... The most important poll of the whole Eurovision year, cast your vote! Check out also the latest results, new results on this weekend.
PARTICIPANTS See the list of this years participants, and their songs.

And also it´s important to send feedback to us; go to CONTACT , and have your say!

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