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Norway: The Eurovision stage was stolen edit

MGP-Lava.png http://esc2011.webs.com/apps/blog/show/5994756-norway-the-eurovision-stage-was-stolen-it-was-found-from-sweden-

This sounds odd, but its true: the stage of the Norwegian Eurovision pre-selection MGP was stolen, NRK reports

MGP 2011's semi-finals has been held in the different cities of Norway, and the stage has been removed every time to its new destination. Today, it should have been moved to Sarpsborg Hall, but a truck, where the stages pieces was, had been stolen during the night.

- We love drama in Eurovision, but this is a little too much, said Per Sundnes to nrk.no.

Last Chance -contest is supposed to be held this Saturday, so they play without a stage if necessary! he says optimistically.

Not long after the trailer was found dumbed in Skåne, Sweden, Swedish police arrested one person in connection with the case.


Apparently anything is possible in this world... ;)
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