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Glen’s adventure in Georgia comes to an end edit

IMG_1299.jpg Glen Vella met with Maia Baratashvili – Head of International Relations and Head of Delegation for Georgia. Coincidentally Maia was one of the main judges that took part in the Maltese National Finals. She gave One Life her top vote. Maia explained that she is glad that Glen will be representing Malta. She commented positively on his voice intonation and his joyful character and added that Glen had all the qualities that fit a good Eurovision show.

During several TV appearances Glen discussed the performance in Malta, the theme of One Life and the video which seems to have gained popularity amongst Georgian TV viewers.
Whilst in Georgia Glen met with the Georgian representative Eldrine and Zdob și Zdub from Moldova. Later in the day Glen was invited to the rehearsals studios with Eldrine. There they sang together with a live band 'We Will Rock You', 'Come Together' and 'Summer Time'

Today we contacted Glen to have some feedback. Here is what Glen had to say ‘I am impressed by the organisation of the Georgian Delegation. The food is very tasty here especially the typical Georgian hacapuri.’

Glen took part in several other TV shows including the morning show on Channel One. ‘You shine while you perform’ commented one of the TV hosts. Glen has also participated on a programme called 'face to face' which will be broadcast in two week’s time on Pik TV.

Glen will continue promoting One Life in the days to come across continental Europe, including the Netherlands, Italy and the UK.

Visit www.maltaeurovision2011.com for the latest news and information.
The official facebook fan page can be found at Glen Vella
Source: Fleur Balzan, Daniel d’Anastasi - Eurovisionmalta2011, Public Broadcasting Services Limited, Malta
Contacts: fbalzan@pbs.com.mt ddanastasi@pbs.com.mt
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