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Nicole Azzopardi at ‘Tahtede Laul’ in Tallinn edit

Nicole-Azzopardi-Dave-Benton.jpg Nicole Azzopardi performs at ‘Tahtede Laul’ in Tallinn, Estonia as part of the cultural activities of the European Capital of Culture 2011

The young and talented Nicole Azzopardi has just returned to her native country of Malta following a successful promotional visit to Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia.

In Tallinn, Nicole took part in the song festival 'Tahtede Laul' which means Star Song. 'Tahtede Laul' is one of the leading festivals for children in Europe. The three day festival was held between Thursday 14th and Saturday 16th April 2011 and apart from the actual showcase, Nicole was given the opportunity to make a number of other appearances around the city.

On Thursday, Nicole and the other foreign participants were invited to a press conference. The conference was transmitted later on Tallinn TV. During the conference Nicole made a short presentation about the history and the culture of Malta.

Later during the day she performed with honour at the new Solaris Centre launching a brand new single under the title 'My Heart Beats For Love'. She was very well received by the public present as well as by the festival director and director at the Meero School of Music, Varje Lepp. She congratulated Nicole on a radiant stage performance. While on stage, Lepp invited the Estonian children to follow Nicole’s example and put all their energy and smiles when giving a stage performance. Towards the end of the show Nicole was called back on stage by surprise. The host invited her to perform her popular Junior Eurovision 2010 song ‘Knock Knock!... Boom! Boom!’

On Friday Nicole took part in a show held in the theatre of the Estonian National Library. During the show one could observe the presence of a number of international artists amongst whom, Dave Benton, who formed part of the duo that won the Eurovision Song Contest in Denmark in 2001 with the song ‘Everybody’.

On Saturday Nicole took part in two huge shows. The first show was held early in the afternoon at Viru Centre. There she performed six numbers from her repertoire including her latest upbeat pop song ‘Simply Hi!’ as well as a song in Maltese ‘Viva Malta’ of Freddie Portelli. In the evening, Nicole was invited as the guest of honour at the Gala Night, a show that took place at the new world-class Nokia Concert Hall. Towards the end of the Gala Night, Nicole sang a solo part in the song called ‘Tahan saada!’ which means Wishes. The hosts of the show were none other than Venno Loosaar a popular TV presenter in Estonia and Laura Poldvere, who formed part of the group that represented Estonia in the Eurovision Song Contest in Ukraine in 2005.

This is the 12th year that ‘Tahtede Laul’ has been organised. This year the event was incorporated in the cultural calendar of events marking Tallinn as the European Capital of Culture 2011. This was the first time that a contestant from Malta has been given the honour to take part in ‘Tahtede Laul’.

More information can be found at www.nicole.com.mt and at www.tahtedelaul.meero.ee

Visit YouTube to listen to ‘My Heart Beats For Love’ http://youtu.be/-EleGCqsCjU
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