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NDR is denying press and fans the right to partyes edit

lipuga.jpg First of all I want to start by stating, that the following has nothing to do with EBU - all critics is going ONLY towards the organising TV station NDR.

Just when you think that you cannot top the most horrible "welcome party" in the history of eurovision, not letting the press in, creating a total mess with giving out 3 different coloured wristband without ever explaining what kind of access they actually give and making press with their red bracelets just stand behind the fence with people from the street (without accreditation) one might think it is hard to top this. But nooo... Today was announced that even the euroclub will be closed for accredited press and fans.
Let me correct myself - NOT ANNOUNCED, but decided by somebody behind the scenes... And then it spread like a gossip. NOBODY has announced anything, only people who heard it from somebody, told it to somebody etc and that's how this information spreads here.
Apparently only the head of delegation gets some small amount for giving them out for artists and couple of extra people.
Even many of the heads of delegations didn't know that!!!

Euroclub - the holy place for all the people to go and relax after working, which has always been a place where press, fans, stars, delegations can casually mingle and network, is officially off limits for the accredited press and fans.

But what is even worse, they did not bother to mention this even to OGAE Germany, which has been planning all the euroclub events for half a year now. Nobody told them that the parties are just cancelled. They basically would have gone there with their CD cases and be denied of access.
NOBODY told them that! They also heard this as a rumour.
What is especially disgusting in acting like this - Dusseldorf is quite small and there are not so many nightclubs. So all the press and fans who have come here for this event, they don't even have a place to go after the semifinals. There are basically no alternatives, only very few small clubs, which will not be playing eurovision music, as it is custom at the euroclub!
I would not call this a slap in the face.. I would call it spitting in our faces.
Thank you NDR! Rest assured, we will not forget that!!!!!!
Good luck with getting any good publicity after that "dear" Germany!
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