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The good things about Dysseldorf 2011 edit

lipuga.jpg I know I have criticised many things about what is wrong with this year, but now I also want to write what is really good this year.

So leaving out the confusion about the parties and big technical mess during the first semifinal I have to say there are many nice things that the German hosts have proved for the guests.
First of all our accreditations granted us free city pass. Meaning that next to the free city transportation and wide tour selection our accreditations also granted free entrance to the museums and other cultural events.
It is extremely sad that there is simply no time to take full advantage of the offers. I managed to visit 2 tours and aquazoo, which was extremely cool since I had never seen alive penguins with my own eyes before.

Also I am very excited to say that I will be waiving my huge Estonian flag today among 30000 people.
Still cannot believe that Estonia passed or the final. This is the best feeling ever to see your country in the final night.
I have seen it once in Moscow and it was indescribable feeling.

After the show is over, we will be joining the delegations for a big afterparty a very fancy facility called Rheinterrasse.

Usually the last day the the presscentre is very depressive since everybody realizes this wonderful time with all the friends you see every year once at the Eurovision is over and we will have to wait another year for these wonderful 2 weeks. But the fact that we have got the tickets for tonight show and bracelets for the after party makes me almost forget this. We will have time to be sad tomorrow morning when this all is over and we will have to get back to the real world.

It will probably take some time to get used to sleeping and not partying every day.
Also I haven't heard any other music for 2 weeks, so it would be kinda wired not to hear habba habba every morning as a wakeup call anymore.
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