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My final review of the final edit

lipuga.jpg Probably all the people who blog about Eurovision is doing the review of the songs again. I will not be original and post also my thoughts about the final songs in the running order.

First of all let me start by telling that this is the worst and most horrible draw in history of Eurovision.
It kills all the previous favourites as they kill each other.
Uptempo songs are all together and slow songs are all together. This draw should be illegal!
After 10 songs there will not be any viewers anymore!!!!

1. Finland. Before the draw I was sure it will win. This song greatness would be perfectly displayed if it would have been performed somewhere in the middle of the show. Sadly it is the opener and probably will not make the same impression as it did in semi final.

2. Bosnia Herzegovina. Nino is great! It would have been perfect opening act! I think this song has a good chance to battle for the highest places. After all the other favourites are killed by each other this could actually win!!!

3. Denmark. Some people whisper about this song as winner. Again, the drawing order is the worst possible for this song. Still top 10 probably

4. Lithuania. I still don’t understand how come we are seeing this song in the final.. 12 points for Polish singer from Poland alone was clearly not enough to get it through.. So there be smth I am totally missing..

5. Hungary. Ditch the dress and the horrible hairdo that makes 34 year old young woman look like 80 granny who has had too many plastic surgery. In person she looks MUTCH cuter.
She should wear jeans and cute white top like in second dress rehearsal and change her hair back to normal. Then I would bet on it to win. But now I am too distracted with the horrible sight.

6. Ireland. LOVE THEM!!!!! Top 5 for sure!

7. Sweden. They only brake 1 of the 3 glasses that they would need to break to make it to top 10!

8. Estonia. I cannot say anything about Estonia.. I have to be patriotic even if I don’t like the song. But I predict place in top 20 

9. Greece. It is one of the only few country’s who will benefit from this draw. Top 5!

10. Russia. I heard that from TV it is not nearly as good as from the venue. Also the betting odds are growing by the hour. So that is not a good sign. But I like the singer so I will predict generous 11. Place

11. France. Rumour is this is going to win. Well I would really like to start another rumour: nobody from the people who actualy calls to vote will not pick up the phone for this song. And on jury votes alone this cannot win! Top 10 maybe, but not win.. Remember what happened to Patricia Kaas???

12. Italy. Oh dear. I met the singer and I know how talented he is and how good singer he is and I know that he pores his soul into this performance but the terrible draw will ruthlessly kill it.. Really wish I could say anything better.. .

13. Switzerland. Cute song. I really wish them best, but I would not be very optimistic about their chances finishing in top 15 

14. United Kingdom. I know that the backing singers CAN actually sing. Will it be enough?? We will find that out very soon. If the Blue boys will give the performance of their lifetime, it could even win! BUT usually the countries who announce their next years Eurovision host cities before the final, fail miserably.

15. Moldova. I have been sitting behind the laptop for 5 minutes trying to figure out what to say about Moldova.. I don’t have anything rto say.. I just want to say HI to Moldovas last year delegation!!!! They were great guys to party with 

16. Germany. I liked Lenas second place song from gremanys pre selections much more. And every time I hear this years song I start in my mind singing this other song and that’s why I actually haven’t heard properly the current song. I guess since we are in Germany and Lena gets to perform twice on stage today(first time as an opening act – how fair huh) it will get some votes and will be in top 10

17. Romania. I still haven’t seen the video what is on the internet of the singer where he is playing with his dingdong . And every time I see or hear the song, the song itself becomes secondary. Can anyone send me the link please so I could finally concentrate on the song??

18. Austria. A black horse, as they call it here. It might win, but I think it is not good enough to win. I remember that she has a great voice, but please – can anyone remember even one note of this song??

19. Azerbaijan. Running scared indeed… I totally understand why – her singing ability is like a box of chocolate-you never know what you are going to get (or rather which note you are going to hear next). It can be ok sometimes and sometimes just horrible. So probably they are very scared.. I hope she will pull herself together and the song will finish in top 5!

20. Slovenia. My personal nr 1 I think. But this kind of songs never win. But solid place in top 10 without a doubt.
21. Iceland. It could win! I would love it to win!!!
Historically in Eurovision somehow if some type of act or special effect or stage trick is present on the winning song, next year it will always be copied by some clever performers who think that the same trick works 2 years in a row. Imagine how next year the death rate of the composers would certainly rise.

22. Spain. I am not kidding when I only few days, after danced many many times to this song, found out that it IS NOT a song from 1987!!!! I really really taught it is a song from 1987. And I am standing my ground on this. I need to see it with my own eyes today to believe that this is actually Spains song for year 2011

23. Ukraine. Nobody cares about the song but everybody LOVES the magic sand… TOP 5!

24. Serbia. It has a good draw and probably will do well. BUT…She is forbidden to win by her delegation!

25. Georgia. I wish them all the best. Estonians love Georgians and vice versa. I love the angry guitarist who screams. It gives me chills.. I am really scared of him.. But intimidated at the same time. But I would not want to cross him at the dark alley. So again / GEORGIA GOOD LUCK (see, I am writing nice things about you…so please, if we cross at the alley.. don’t hurt me)
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