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commented on We have our first ten finalists!

So happy for Netherlands, Ireland and Lithuania clasiffication but I'm very sorry for Austria. What the hell are doing Belgium and Belarus in the final instead of Austria and Cyprus??

commented on Listen: Anouk's song presented in the Netherlands

No doubt, the best song so far.

commented on Cezar takes it home for Romania

I can't believe Romania is going to be represented by this song and singer. I hope not so see Romania in the final to avoid to be ashamed for being an eurofan.

commented on Robin Stjernberg wins Melodifestivalen 2013

I think Swedish have chosen well. Robin is a good singer and his song is quite modern. However, my favorite was Louise Hoffsten.

commented on Moran Mazor carries Israel's baton to Malmö

Amazing voice and song, Israel enters in my top 5:

1. United Kingdom
2. Austria
3. Ireland
4. Norway
5. Israel

commented on Bonnie Tyler to represent United Kingdom

UK should win this year despite the ESC has never been fair with senior singers.

commented on Pop meets folk for FYR Macedonia

23 songs so far, it's time for my first ranking:

1. Ireland
2. Austria
3. Norway
4. Finland
5. Switzerland
6. Lithuania
7. Malta
8. Macedonia
9. Spain
10. Denmark
11. Cyprus
12. Greece
13. Germany
14. Iceland
15. Croatia
16. Belarus
17. Albania
18. Ukraine
19. Russia
20. Georgia
21. Slovenia
22. Latvia
23. Belgium

commented on Pop meets folk for FYR Macedonia

Good job. Macedonians are improving their Eurovision appearances.

commented on Uribarri, a Eurovision legend in Spain

Victor, enhorabuena por el artículo.

commented on Who should represent Australia?

Australia should be allowed to send a representative. Rules have to be changed when necesary.


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