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Charlotte Ekstedt

updated her status

I'm not just a Eurovision fan... I've got the ESC spirit!
Charlotte Ekstedt

commented on Malmö to host Eurovision Song Contest 2013

Just for you information. It was told recently that they will only fit in about 10'000 people int the Malmo Arena, not 15'000. LOL! The black hole is getting even bigger... XD

ESC Sweden 2013! Stockholm 2013?

Charlotte Ekstedt

posted a blog

Oh my god! I'm so happy I could cry!! It felt so good when Loreen found out she won! And I'm really excited for ESC 2013 in SWEDEN! :D I just hope it will be in Stockholm because it's not decided yet.
Charlotte Ekstedt

commented on Tension is rising before the Grand Final

GO SWEDEN! Vote for Sweden! <3 also I really like Hungary, Spain, Italy, France, Norway and Cyprus! :D
Charlotte Ekstedt

commented on France: Second press conference

OMG, the most pretty girlI've ever seen!!! Elle est extrêmement belle!!!

My absolute favourite!!! Mon préféré!

Douze points de la Suède! <3
Charlotte Ekstedt

commented on Backstage at the Dress Rehearsal of the Grand Final

Soluna Samay: "Keeping it nordic!" yay!

Wishes of good luck to our family of nordic countries Denmark, Iceland & Norway! <3

Sorry for Finland though, at least we loved you lots!

Lots of Scandinavian love from Sweden
Charlotte Ekstedt

commented on Finland: Pernilla closes her eyes

omg! I love this song so much! I cry everytime I hear it, it's so pretty <3 to bad I can't vote for it in the first semi-final.. :(
Charlotte Ekstedt

commented on Interview with Pernilla Karlsson (Finland) in Amsterdam

She is so pretty! This song is so sweet! I can't help but crying a tear everytime I listen to this!
Charlotte Ekstedt

commented on Eva Boto sings a verse of Verjamem's English version!

I really like the English version, think it's much better. And she is sooo sweet. I just wish they'll have a wardrobe change before the performance in eurovision...
Charlotte Ekstedt

commented on 'Love Will Set You Free' for the United Kingdom

I really like this song. It's not a boring ballad, it's a pretty ballad. I think it's very good, not a winner, but still very good! :)

Charlotte Ekstedt

About me

I'm a huge fan of ESC, every year I have to watch all the national selections and available intervjues. Apart from the competition itself I love to indulge in facts about the artists, such as interests...

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