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FFXIV Story - My Problems With Expert Roulette edit

crop-1457076351FF14GilMall-logo.jpg This happened ages ago, back when Amdapor Keep(HM) was in the Expert Roulette, but I saw I still had it saved from back when I was showing other people what had happened so I edited the names out and decided to post it here. This was frustrating to the point that I almost began to doubt myself because his little healer buddy was on his side and the tank just made a scoffing remark that was incredibly stupid.

(The initial comments about Paeon being for scrubs I overlooked. I had assumed he was just a loudmouth that was bragging about our amazing and mutual TP conservation abilities until he brought it up again later).

So I am assuming he didn't notice that he had a damage reduction when using it, I am still unsure as to just why he couldn't have used the song on his own if he needed it that badly - outside of using any excuse to exercise his amazing (though incorrect) knowledge of the class over us other, plebeian Bards -, and I am guessing that he was so blinded by his own awesomeness that he forgot how to manage TP or realise that Invigorate was a thing.

Even though the Tank only said one thing, it's sheer stupidity got on my nerves. At the time I felt like commenting that maybe I should just avoid using damage buffs altogether too, since apparently even mentioning a Bard's damage is a joke in itself.

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Stockholm 2016

The 2016 Eurovision Song Contest was held in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm. It was the third time that Stockholm hosted the contest and the second time that it was held in the Globe Arena. The right to host the contest came when Måns Zelmerlöw brought home the trophy with his song Heroes from Vienna in 2015. Australia returned to the Eurovision Song Contest, Dami Im finished second with The Sound of Silence. Russia's Sergey Lazarev finished third with his song You Are The Only One. Ukraine's Jamala won the contest with her song 1944, providing Ukraine with its second victory in the Eurovision Song Contest. 

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