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JESC 2010

Sandro Chikobava

posted a blog

Hi everyone, it is my first post and firslty i want to say that i'm form Georgia and i am a big fan of ESC and JESC. Thank you very much for the organisators of this contest and EBU. so, yesterday
Sandro Chikobava

commented on Prime Minister Putin pays visit to Olympiyski Arena

i WANT to Georgia never participate in really politition contest
Sandro Chikobava

commented on Norway: Alexander Rybak to Moscow!

The Best Song, 12 points from GEORGIA, Good Luck Norway
Sandro Chikobava

commented on Slovakia: Results of fourth semi-final

Welcome Slovakia, I'm very happy that you participate in Eurovision. GOOD LUCK From Georgia ;-)

Sandro Chikobava

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Hi everybody, i am Sandro from Georgiaand ilve in Tbilisi, I´ve been a Eurovision fan since Georgia debuted at this wonderful Contest (since Eurovision 2007)

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