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john jeraj

commented on Bulgaria: Let those be the finalists!

i remember a song water from bulgaria when was drum song i like it very much because it was special but this year aren t special songs
john jeraj

commented on Andorra: A game of three songs tonight!

sussane will win
john jeraj

commented on Slovenia's choice: Quartissimo to Moscow!

karlson TM you forget bosnia & hercegovina 2005 3 girls were singing great song and maestro babič was composer
john jeraj

commented on Maltese finalists known, Chiara shortlisted

number 7 or number 15 will be the winner
but i think chiara she was second and third i thing that with this song she can win
john jeraj

commented on Slovenia : Karmen Stavec talks to Eurovision.tv

karmen is the best why she didn t won !!!
john jeraj

commented on Slovenia ready to rumble tonight

brigita šuler or alya or karmen stavec are the winners for mee

john jeraj

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