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Rhys Benjamin

commented on Tanja or Birgit? Whose entry did you prefer?


Poll 2014

Rhys Benjamin

posted a blog

OK, yes, this is shameless plugging. But if you could fill in the first semi final poll for me, that would be grand: http://tummiweb.com/scorewiz/rsvp/93050/dQbMA
Rhys Benjamin

commented on Which postcard is your favourite?

United Kingdom!

Do you want Molly to win? Then do this!

Rhys Benjamin

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I'm not one to advocate tactical voting. But I MUST make an exception here. I see it as a two-horse race between Molly and Sanna. And if you would prefer Molly and the UK to finally win again, do not

My Top 37

Rhys Benjamin

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37 Georgia 36 Latvia 35 The Netherlands 34 Montenegro 33 Armenia 32 Albania 31 Moldova 30 Lithuania 29 Germany 28 Norway 27 Iceland 26 France 25 Malta 24 Slovenia 23 Sweden 22 Russia 21
Rhys Benjamin

commented on Allocation Draw results: Who's in which Semi-Final?

The UK alternates which semi final it votes in all time time since the introduction of two semi finals!

2008 - 2nd
2009 - 1st
2010 - 2nd
2011 - 1st
2012 - 2nd
2013 - 1st
2014 - 2nd

Rhys Benjamin

commented on Eurovision 2013 in the charts

1. Believe in Me
2. Crisalide
3. Marry Me
4. You
5. Only Love Survives

All of which were cruelly cheated. Europe, what have you done?

Eurovision 2013 Poll - Grand Final (with recap)

Rhys Benjamin

posted a blog

Recap: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=561650357227726&l=2845809548667436709 Voting Link: http://tummiweb.com/scorewiz/rsvp/74657/TGLuL
Rhys Benjamin

commented on Tijana Dapčević will sing for F.Y.R. Macedonia in Denmark

Erm... I saw her using celery as a microphone. Make of that what you will. One can hope that F.Y.R. Macedonia don't send some tosh again....

Eurovision 2013 Poll - Grand Final

Rhys Benjamin

posted a blog

You voted. The finalists are here. Please rank them! http://tummiweb.com/scorewiz/rsvp/74657/TGLuL

Rhys Benjamin

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